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to go. and i want to also acknowledged representatives from the u.s. department of congress -- department of commerce minority development agency who are here today. and of course the private sector, our most important and valued partner in delivering this project. i think bob is here today. those are the folks that are going to be building the town. there are contractors making a big impact here not just in building things but in incorporating a real commitment to small and local business participation, and doing an extraordinary job that i believe is going to become a paradigmatic example in the rest of the state, because these numbers are not to be ignored. and of course the small businesses themselves, [unintelligible] now let me take a second to a knowledge the chair of the san francisco transportation authority, my current boss, a man who i think it's well within the lineup of visionaries and people with the big picture. ross has been a member of the board of supervisors since 2004. he is on his first term as chair of the authority since january. during that time he ha
communities or others interested in talking to the staff about the work they have done that has brought us where we are today. i hope all members of the public will avail themselves of that. lastly, i want to repeat that commissioner kim said that the next meeting of the committee will be september 13 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. here in this room. >> thank you very much. i one-and-one to thank -- want to thank staff for the website. it is great. glad to be online. next is a report from the budget and business service committee. commissioner yee? >> sure. basically we had one discussion which would be consider an informational item. the discussion really was to come back around to what we had discussed earlier in the year when we were going through our budget development. there were a lot of -- many of the commissioners wanted us to look at our priority areas or programs in a way that is more comprehensive. a lot of times when we look at budget line items, it is just one item. for example, parent engagement, there are many sources of funding which support that effort. yet when we have the discus
us about this, but we thank you for your persistence on this. let me just take a moment to thank the person that i have called one of the greatest secretaries of transportation, is not the greatest -- ray lahood. you need to know about this man. he knows i feel this way about him. when you called ray, you cannot make small talk, you just get to the point. he knew about this because i remember i was with him when we were announcing another grant. he said, don't worry, i know about the transbay terminal. in other words, you do not need to talk to me about it again. he is a hero to me because he showed that we can work across party lines. lord knows that we need to come up particularly in times like these. i want to thank one more group of people and then i will sit down. i want to thank the people in the state of california who voted for nearly $10 billion in state funds to support high speed rail. that is why our state is so great, because the people of the state. we are going to keep the state moving forward. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, senator boxer. it is an h
along the lines of what portland -- i love portland, but i hate that they are ahead of us on this. by the way, anyone in a sustained rain, we're always second in the country in terms of our environmental network because of the bike network. portland is finished. with all respect to the mayor, you are going down. this is the last piece of the puzzle that was missing. now, we are able to unveil this, and you ain't seen nothing. >> thank you, mayor newsom. we have a host of folks that were part of the effort to get us to where we are today. i see our director of sustainable streets is here. bridget smith, who heads up our sustainable streets effort, and she is doing a fine job. she has a great team of people working with her. another individual i need to bring up to speak to you today is our chairman of the mta, chairman tom nolan. [applause] >> good afternoon. i'm very proud to be here on behalf of the board of directors, joined with our distinguished vice chair. tomorrow, if the board of supervisors votes correctly, we will have a new chair, so we are very proud to report of the --
this is an opportunity for you to see who the people are that are touching our students when you let us know that they need to be touched. so this is really an opportunity for all of our merchants to see what we're putting in behind this effort. so without further ado, i want to welcome our superintendent of schools. our first week of school went off without a hitch, thank goodness. and the efforts that he's been doing around truancy and the support he's been giving and receiving to the city to make sure our students stay in school. superintendent carlos garcia. [applause] >> good morning. for me, it's like a dream come true. i have to tell you. i've been a superintendent in three other places before i came here, and finally my dream has come true. we have a mayor who is actually walk tk talk, stepping up and saying what we need to do is if this isn't just a school district problem. this isn't just a parent problem. this is really a community, a city, county problem. it's everybody's problem. anybody who thinks it isn't their problem, boy, they really have big problems, because the reality i
. >> do you know when she might be available? >> i don't. >> a receptionist told us there have been a lot of calls about the story. president son vacation. none of the other four has responded to a request for an interview. we why v.yet to receive a call from the sheriff's office. the marin sheriff's report says deputies drew tasers 87 times last year. in san francisco, they carry them in jails, rarely using them. the sheriff says they drew devices only 15 times. the sheriff's office is looking at statistics in it now. >> and there is a tragic crash and a terrifying scare happened when a small plane came screaming back to earth just barely missing an office building. the man who owned the plane air, victim is a 92-year-old who flew in world war ii. the plane that crashed is this model. a queen air. we take you through what happened tonight. >> i was talking with a friend who stopped by. he was a decorated world war ii hero saying bob is a character and a civic leader here, it's out tlchl the wreckage, underwater now. the national transportation safety board is going to come start the inve
, and leadership drought years and looking out for us. thank you. i do have some last business for you before you go. [laughter] it has to do with disclosure. where is jack. -- where is jet? >-- where is jack? >> i will add my comments as well. we get to call you might now. that is pretty cool. -- we get to call you mike now. that is pretty cool. you have donated your life every of the weekend to the port of san francisco. i heard to say that was a new record, but barely a new record. we are so fortunate in the city and particularly care of the poor to have people as dedicated as you. commissioner and commander hardeman. we hope you will come back. a lot of your work is still under way. we will be welcoming ships in october. we will be breaking ground for the exploreatorium. we hope that you and your heirs will look with great pride on your legacy. the blood going across the street to the fire department. we will miss you. -- good luck going across the street to the fire department. we will miss you. [applause] >> well, when all of these folks have received awards and said goodbye, you sit in tho
, so all of us have gotten deeply involved in it. christine worked ve with eric to make sure that the merchants were aware of what we were doing. she came out and spoke to them personally. she made sure that this is not the only corridor that we'll be hitting. we'll be talking to all of the merchant associations to find out where there are hot spot so we can reach out to the other communities. this will be one of many. i want to extend our gratitude to eric and give him an opportunity to talk about what this actually means for him as a merchant and somebody who organizes the community down this way. i think this will be really helpful, not only for his membership, but for our students. eric? >> thank you. i just want to thank the mayor for being here today. it's always good to see you here. thank you to lourdes for hosting us here this morning. [applause] i do want to say, this is a great opportunity for the merchants to really be involved in this program. i know that walk that christine and i did together today, some of the merchants already have passed that number on to som
the staff to help us bring about changes that you created and to weather through some of the bumps along the road. i think you learned how to put out a lot of fires. going to the fire commission, a good move. thank you. [applause] >> commissioner, congratulations. i think the entire commission has heard it over and over from the port staff, but we are really lucky, the people working for the city, to have such a great commission. it really feels like we're working on the same team towards the same objectives. you have always been so attentive to all of the items that we bring to you and help desk problem-solve when there were particularly thorny issues. we appreciate that. we wish you luck with the fire commission. we are a little bit jealous of the firefighters in the city. they have a great commissioner coming their way. we look forward to seeing you at the calamari club. [applause] >> commander and commissioner, susan reynolds, director of real estate. personally and on behalf of the real-estate department, thank you very much for all of your support. i hope to see you and for rena co
and freddie. i was going to use the wrong adjective. [laughter] their unwillingness to be supportive of the program -- they are wrong. this is right. the president is right. congress, by and large, is right. all these mares are ready to go to do what -- all these mares are ready to go to do what the secretary started. the first program was done in berkeley years ago. it is simple. the company is not going to provide enough resources. how the finance those upgrades? -- how do you finance those upgrades? you can amortize them over the life of your mortgage in a way that gives billions of dollars for the retrofitting of buildings. ours is the largest in the united states. we passed a more than $150 million appropriation. we were ready to go. we had dozens of people who had already gotten approval. then the word came out that fannie and freddie no longer would allow these because of the weight it relates to first orleans. i will not bore you with it. -- because of the way it relates to first liens. i will not bore you with it. it is a step to the screen economy. it is up to the folks run
the communities where we have a presence. in fact, we are one of the few family-owned businesses in the u.s. that can say that while celebrating our 100th anniversary. how do we do it? we put people and communities first. while we are one of the largest independent suppliers of art materials in the country, providing the broadest assortment and low prices, it is really our service and community involvement that sets us apart from the others. every year, our list of colleges and universities we support has grown. today, we visit over 250. whether on campus or at the events we sponsor, we see the same story unfolding. that is communities and the arts are struggling to get funding, improve, and revived. it is so important to remember, while the foundation behind art and life do not change, the supporting structure continuously evolves with time. as part of this evolution, we and others like the mayor's support the continuing of art and the revival of communities in which they exist. here in san francisco, the market street community was once a thriving, exciting center for the arts. it was a p
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11